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Gearbox removal
You can use the engine dipstick in your car Alex.

Remove the filler plug and drop the dipstick in, it will look like it is going to disappear right in but it won’t.

Correctly filled it will take just under a pint. Dip it just now and report back where it marks...

Ruairidh, Can you use the engine dip stick to check the level on 4 speed boxes as what is fitted to my Ruby.

John Mason
Would you believe it "Her who must be obeyed" refers to my Ruby as the toy.

No John.


I have drained the gearbox when I initially thought of taking it out. I will refill with just under a pint and put the dipstick from the engine in and have a look.
Hi Alex
The correct level for this gearbox is 1.5 inches on a dipstick (use the one from the engine) dipped through the filler hole.
If you have more than this in it will be try to get out.
I have put in 2/3 pint, put the engine dipstick in and have one and a half inches of oil on it.

Now for my mistake. When I have read 1 to 2 1/2 inches I presumed that it was from the top as normally read, not up from the bottom up. No wonder the poor thing was blowing out of it's arse!

I will now hide in a corner and check for leaks tomorrow.

Many thanks for your replies and help, that has saved me a lot of bother.
Until the next time, Cheers.
Full marks for honesty Alex! And so glad you don't have to take it all out.
Absolutely Chris, I wish a few more were as honest as Alex, we have all made our fair share of bloopers over the years!
Black Art Enthusiast 
That would make an interesting thread of it’s own Ian. Many years ago I received a call from a friend to ask why the SWB back axle I had built him went forwards really slowly but had three reverse gears...

... there are quite few more like that but I will save them for another day.


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