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Cup in a Box - resurrected from the old Forum...
Can we have a picture of the boot lid/hinge problem please, how were they fitted originally?
Black Art Enthusiast 
The boot is being worked on just now Ian, I am keen to hear how others building similar have solved the hinge. It is a simple affair, just two.

Many thanks.

Presumably they are attached to the alloy skin and you need a backing? That could take the form of a block of shaped wood which I guess is how they were done, or a shaped piece of steel with some threaded inserts riveted inside the skin, you have probably thought of both these which is why I am intrigued by the problem, is it more complicated than I am imagining?
Black Art Enthusiast 
They are attached to wood in the tail and the boot lid cover Ian, nothing complicated or fancy whatsoever. There is not really a problem, just tapping for some previous experience.

There are a number of Forum users who have built up Cup models and I am keen to know what they used, many thanks.


The only photo I have to hand is this one. The hinges are nothing special, although they would be better in stainless. I have drilled and tapped a plate to sit in the back as it is difficult to get a nut and washer into the small space behind. 

I’ll try to get a better photo later. 

Thank you Peter, can you remember where you got them please?

PM sent!
    Hi Ruairidh 

A pal at the local Men’s Shed sold me these hinges for £10
Which he had leftover from some work on his Church Hall.

Very, very solid brass so may plate them
Nickel with my home plating outfit.

Not original I know but stronger than most.


Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 
Thank you Bill.

If it's any interest to you, that design is called a Parliament hinge and from memory Screwfix do them in stainless steel
for about £15.

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