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Cup in a Box - resurrected from the old Forum...
Does this picture, taken after the body was bolted hard down, answer your question Peter?


Everything moves slightly as it comes together, you have to anticipate this when setting up.

Perfect! Glad to see you're working to model-maker tolerances.  Smile
I had to use a couple of 6” nails in a few places but kept those out of camera shot in case you got upset Wink

Great set of photos. Its the first time I've seen how the body mounts, and interesting to see staples through the ply.

Most of all it answers the question in another thread about how much luggage space. Answer - LOTS. [ relatively Smile ]

What does the screen attach to? (in terms of "what structure is there under the scuttle")
Don't forget you have to get a spare wheel in there as well...
And a hoodframe, hood cover, tonneau and
two sidescreens, plus tools and a jack.....

Let’s not include any spares, so perhaps space
for an overnight bag, and/or lightweight camping gear!

But I still want one!

Bill G
Aka AllAlloyCup
Based near the Scottish Border, 
Spare wheel is not compulsory - but eminantly sensible.

Hood and tonneau can be stored on the car, both folded and rolled back with straps.

Tools and spares most definitely, but can be aided by the addition of a second battery box.

Two side screens are overkill but John Wilcox managed, for years, to come camping with his girlfriend over the week long BA7C holiday to North Devon each year with all the above, except a second battery box, in his very original Cup.

Windscreen pillars are supported internally, on this late style body, by two shaped pieces of wood. The earlier design structure is much more complex and I can see why they dumped it!

Hi Ruairidh.   Haven't looked at the forum for a few days [ shearing sheep]  so was pleased to see the fantastic progress on the cup and that the screen fitted !!!    Smile
It’s absolutely amazing Nic many, many thanks, you sir are King repairer (and sheep shearer, that’s shearer!!).

Small progress on some time consuming bits today...




If anyone has a suitable links/suggestions for the hinges on the bootlid I would welcome them please. I have a casting of an original but perhaps something suitable is available off the shelf...?


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