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Cup in a Box - resurrected from the old Forum...
HHi Ruairidh

Looking great! That’s at least 3 GE Cups
Under construction in Scotland just now.

Getting the screen frame fitting nicely makes the project
look more like a car and a major milestone.

We started assembling Neil’s engine yesterday, my rods go off for metalling next week.

Looking forward to your next posting with
The wings fitted?


Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 
A good day today, the body, doors, windscreen and rear wings are all fitted correctly.

Positioning the body brackets...





Lining up the front with the flitchplates...



Checking for rear axle clearance...


Fixing mounting brackets with coach bolts...



Attaching rear wings...



Doors and screen fitted...







I love the pace you work at when you get going Rory, most inspiring!
Black Art Enthusiast 
Thank you Ian.

In truth, I work like this 7 days a week, I just don’t photograph all of it!

My own projects have little time given to them, I am really looking forward to completing this one.

Lovely rear wings there.....
Aren’t they just!!

This is all very exciting stuff Ruairidh. I love the fact you have a good few original fittings and panels.

Just a thought, does the bonnet rest moulding continue down between the body and flitch plates?


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