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6V Dynamator - first hand experiences...
Dear Austin 7 Club Member,
It has come to our attention that some customers have experienced what appears to be excessive wear on the Camshaft gear after fitting our A7 Dynamator.
We believe that this is be due to our new gear not meshing correctly with the original old gear on the car . 
We would advise customers to remove the unit and replace the front gear with their original gear .

It was our intention to supply a complete ready to bolt on unit but it appears this may not be possible at present .

If an original gear is not available then the new gear can be used but should be checked for wear at regular intervals .
We are currently looking at the possibility of making a new gear or a matched set but cost may be prohibitive and may be some time away .
We will advise of any future developments
Sorry for  any inconvenience caused  .
Tony Ibbotson
AccuSpark MD
Thanks, Tony, ordered a Dynomator and distributor today, I have taken the gear off my dynamo and was going to ask if the spindle and woodruff key would fit but from your note, I see they are the same diameter.
I can confirm first-hand that the shaft and key are identical Nigel, your original gear will simply slip on.

The nut on the end of the Dynamator requires an 18mm spanner, from memory.

On my Ruby I have a Dynamotor fitted (with the original drive gear supplied with it ) , the engine has been fully rebuilt and had only covered 34000 miles before being laid up in 1960. On a recent run, Bernard Cowley said "those timing gears sound noisy ", to which I replied, I think its the fan . This has got me thinking, could it be the Dynamotor gear making the noise? , I will remove the plate today to inspect the gears, the engine/dynamotor have covered 500 miles since rebuild.
I am afraid I had a very similar experience - my engine was fully rebuilt with very similar mileage, photos of my damaged gears appear earlier in the thread...

Very interesting thread but has anybody considered or mentioned where all the missing metal from the camshaft gear has gone. Is it worth considering that there might be a little pile of iron filings sat in the deep south of the timing case and that, Hopefully, they've not made it into the sump yet?
Mine had collected at the bottom of the timing case and the magnet on the sump plug looked like a Christmas tree.

I had a conversation with Darryl at Accuspark this morning on an unrelated matter,but I asked about the meshing problem, he assured me that the problem was with the first batch of Dynamotors , ones less than 6 months old dont have the problem , he also said they now supply without the gear . If there is no problem with the later batch why are they removing the gear ? !!
It sounds more of a platitudinous reply which hasn't thought through the implications? If they have changed the gear, then it makes it worse unless all the early ones were trial/guinea pig items.

I'd like something out from Accuspark to all owners via their invoice emails telling us whether or not we have the problem gear or not, relating to purchase date.

More seriously, the duff gears need to destroyed, or else they will reak havoc for centuries to come with new generations of Austin 7 secondhand parts buyers...
Out of interest. Ive always assumed the original dynamo gears are iron. Are the new ones on the dynamators steel?

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