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6V Dynamator - first hand experiences...
It slides easily on and off Jon.

Can anyone explain?  16 amps at 6v is not a huge increase in power transmitted, and equiv only 8amps at 12v which many apparently achieve.
Of the original steel sports timing gears , were/are these hardened like gearbox gears? Was a cast iron dyn gear retained with those? Or were all 3 soft mild steel? Is the new gear mild steel?
Mild steel wears notably, esp on itself. (the original mild steel distributor drive gears wear despite trivial loading)
This is one situation where I concede a filter would be worthwhile. And maybe lotsa ZDDP, although it is difficult to establish actual levels of the latter.
(18-05-2018, 12:48 PM)Alan Wrote: I think it’s important this doesn’t get blown up out of proportion. These dynamotors are a worthwhile addition to the seven world. Although not everyone will want one, this shouldn’t be seen as a dealbreaker. Like R says, correct gears are not in short supply, in fact if asked I’d have recommended swapping to the original gear anyway. Introducing a new gear to an already worn set is not best practice.

well clearly the sellers need to be in touch with all and that going point needs adding into the advice?

But this is still going to occur with a completely new gear set, is it not, unless they are redesigned?
Ron Sadler tells me:-

I have dismantled the front of my engine and the camshaft gear is in a sorry state but the crankshaft gear appears to be undamaged. It looks to me (a surveyor not an engineer) that the dynamator gear has been machined at slightly the wrong angle. I've tried to measure the angle between the gears (which should be 90 degrees) and it appears to be about 87 degrees, cannot guarantee accuracy but you get the picture.
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(18-05-2018, 11:01 AM)Ruairidh Dunford Wrote: There are plenty of serviceable second hand gears Jon, I am confident this will be a simple fix to the issue.

My experience of hunting for replacement camshaft gears when mine lost a couple of teeth was not so easy, although I was looking for the larger sports engine version. Given the manufacturers are producing new dynamo pinions which are not meshing well with existing camshaft gears, I wonder if they're missing a trick by not offering a matched set of dynamo, camshaft and crankshaft gears? I would be interested.
This is the moment I got it all back together after a very long day and it fired up quietly, the relief!


Delirious I tell you, delirious!!!

Is it only the 6 volt ones having this problem or 12 volt versions doing it also ?
I have no idea Nigel, I can only report on my experience this week and reccomend that anyone who has one should check. I think Roly’s is 12v.

I spoke with Glynn before his trip and he told me he’s done over 2000 miles with his 12v one, no issues, which is good news.

Thanks R , I will be seeing Glynn when they get back from the Spanish run , he has taken the AAK which has the 12 volt one fitted , I will ask him if its given any trouble.
Mine and Ron Sadler's are both 12v.

1931 RN, 1935 APD, 1927 AD

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