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Richard Edmonds
(14-04-2018, 10:49 PM)PRay White Wrote: The Two Seater Swallow in the Richard Edmunds auction was the ex John Gallon car.  John passed away recently and he will be sadly missed.  John was often seen at events with his Swallow and drove many thousands of miles in it.  The estimate, by the way, was £18 - 25,000 SO if the car has sold for £40K plus premium then it has gone way over what was expected.  I have visited the Auction website and it says the car has not sold - but perhaps the information still needs to be updated.

I hadn't realised that Richard Edmunds do not charge any commission for selling a car at auction.  There is a non refundable deposit of £60 and there is a buyer's premium of 20%, apparently.

If I sell my Austin Swallow saloon I am seriously considering Auction and these terms seem reasonable.  Yes/no?
For buying spares and automobilia they charge 20%

For buying cars and motorcycles they charge 12%

As usual I attended Richards auction. Today way packed. Even over packed with people. It may have been parcially due to the motorcycles and parts.

As usual when a collection comes to market, it goes stoopid.

I don't know if the swallow was overpriced, I've seen them sell up to £36k in previous auctions. But this car was well presented. So may have brought in extra interest.

Don't blame the auction for slow results, it's your impatience. They are now busy as hell bringing all the paperwork up to date, sorting cars being removed. Removing items that have to go back to there storage. The last thing they need is to let you not attendees know what something sold for.

Well done to them all for a brilliant auction, even though I spent a fortune and still didn't come away with what I went for Huh Huh 


Ps, John. Sorry I didn't see what your car sold for, ( busy talking ). But I did notice over the three days there was a lot of interest in it. Although I will give you a slap next time I see you for letting the weather get into the car since I see it at 750 beaulieu. Big Grin
Thanks Jon, I’ll tell SWMBO that my i”investment” in the AllAlloyCup project
might just recover most of its costs whenever I have to sell it!!

££20k +Commission + vat is a hefty amount
Though it did look a nice car.


Bill G
Based near the Scottish Border, 
The auction results are now available:-

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There were other Austins in the auction, 8 in all, only 2 were sold, mine was one that didn`t !!!

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