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Complete Hydraulic Brake Setup (For Exchange)
I would like to convert the hydraulic brakes on my 1934 box saloon back to the original cable brakes, and so I am ideally looking to exchange the complete hydraulic setup (including axles) for a serviceable set of conventional cable braked axles. 

The current braking setup is primarily based on Morris 1000 components (Master and front slave cylinders), with Austin A40 (I think) cylinders on the rear. The front axle has Ruby radius arms, and I'd presume that the axles are of Ruby origin as they have the removable back plates. All of the braking components would need careful inspection and renovation prior to being fitted - the rear brakes are not currently functioning as they should. 

The car has been in very regular use until the aforementioned issue with the rear brakes, with no untoward noises from the rear axle. I did have the axle apart a while back while replacing an oil seal, and as far as I remember it was showing the usual signs of wear, and one of the hubs is certainly what might be described as 'manky'. You'd certainly want to give the axle a thorough inspection prior to fitting, so I won't pretend it'd be a straight swap!   

I am not looking to sell the axles outright at this point as I don't want to be left with a car without any axles. However, if anyone has a set of standard axles to sell I would be interested to hear from you. 

The car's primarily based in Wiltshire, but I'm mostly in Warwickshire if you want an idea of location(s).

Any queries please just send me a message or reply to the thread - I've attached a picture of the front brake assembly to be getting on with, but more to follow...

Hi Rupert,

It's Tony from 7 county Austins.

If nobody else comes up with anything in nice condition.

Give me a ring 0116 2867522 after beaulieu, I have a couple of good axles. Worked on by previous owners.

Thanks Tony, I may well be in contact in due course.

Hi I am looking to source front hydraulic brake setup , can I ring to discuss where you are at and if front hubs would be available

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